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Two more pictures...

The first picture is of Clara on the afternoon after she was adopted.  It's a face only shot of the formal picture with her sign saying she had been in Foster Care for 773 days but was adopted today.  It shows her golden shoes and gold polka dot dress but also has too much information.  Her hair is touching her shoulders in pony tails.

The second picture is of Owen on my lap in my wheelchair outside the courthouse just before we went in for the adoption.  I told him that he looked like his Daddy all dressed up.  He was looking over at his Dad to see if it was true.
I do remember you all in my prayers and will try to keep reading as many posts as possible. I can use my right hand to type so long as it is well supported and the arm remains still. I remember as a child being told to use my whole arm writing, not my fingers, but now I press my elbow in tight and move only the easy to move fingers.

May you have a lovely holiday season. Dear Oatmeal has a migraine so my oldest grandson will drive me to First Daughter's for Owen's third Christmas of the day. He got a nap after the one at his father's folks so he should be good to go. Duffy's family will be here Thursday so they will keep me from doing too much. It's hard to change a lifetime of habits.
Dear Oatmeal got to go to the MRI with me last Sunday evening because I wasn't sure if I'd be claustrophobic during a long assessment. I wasn't, but also didn't open my eyes for the half hour or so that the magnetic resonating went on. It rather sounds like a jackhammer close to your ear and takes measurements of all possible angles of the suspected torn rotator cuff. It turns out that i have muscles in good shape but have a great deal of arthritis, bone spurs, and assorted debris in my right shoulder socket so will need the same operation that dear Oatmeal is still recovering from (September 28).

We will schedule the operation after the holidays. Now I am trying to wean myself from the every six hours dose of Vicoden that I was told to take so I could move my shoulder as little as possible. I'm already down to twice a day, as of today.

Meanwhile, I am pleased I decided not to display the hundreds of Santa and Mrs figures. Dear Oatmeal has put out costumes for about a dozen Santa and Mrs Bears but won't bring in the boxes of small ones. First Daughter is coming this afternoon to dress them. Dear Oatmeal will see an action movie. Owen loved Santa and kept turning around and patting him on the face and beard. He now wants to know what the name for everyone and everything is.

Devin is on his way down from Oregon and was delayed by a huge rain and snow storm. His mother hopes he shows up this afternoon. First Daughter is celebrating Christmas with Owen and his parents and uncle, then driving to Santa Cruz to spend the 26th with her sister and brother's family before going to Southern California to visit friends and relatives. Devin's family is here from the 27-30 and have promised to cook and make emergency casseroles. Otherwise dear Oatmeal and I will eat too much processed food. I've lost exactly 20 pounds in the past five months by eating more sensibly and moderately. I'd hate to gain it all back.

At any rate, I shall try to keep you all up to date on what is happening here. I continue to pray for your families.

Well, at least I didn't gain any...

After reading about your losses, I had hoped to have dropped a pound but the scale is still showing either 173.5 lbs ( 78.8 kg) or 174 (79 kg). I'd think it was broken if it were not for dear Oatmeal crowing about losing another four pounds. He's eating about the same amount as I am but exercising about an hour and a half more a day.

Maybe there is a lesson there. I could do two sessions of an hour each every day. God knows I have enough Speedos.

Second Daughter is getting married on October 17 and I'd look better in my MOTB dress if I was a bit smaller in the bust and waist. I had originally set the goal of 160 lbs (72,7 kgs) for my birthday near the end of November so maybe I need an intermediate goal. With 14 more pounds to lose, I will try to lose half of them so I'd be at 167 lbs (75.9 kgs) by the wedding. Good old successive approximation strikes again.

Trying to make a heart rainbow...

This is fun...

I am now officially Maths challenged since I sent the following story off to stmargarets as an early birthday present, six months and eleven days before her actual natal date. Sigh! Please don't tell on me to any of the Statistics graduate students I was the teaching assistant for. Look under the Cut to Read moreCollapse )

Happy Birthday Bel!

Our own Yorkshire lass is the birthday girl today. Thank you for your many kindnesses to me, tdu000. May you have a grand year ahead.

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?


It is obvious that leadership is your strong suit! Hera was Queen of all the Greek Gods and the daughter of a Titan. This is no small boast! Hera is selective on who she inhabits and rightfully so. Only those of majestic grace and keen intellects are considered and she will leave in a heartbeat if her host is ungracious or in anyway corrupted by a powerful position. Like Hera, you are a true born leader of the people. Many have come to you over the years seeking guidance and patient understanding to their plights and pains. Your advice is usually rooted in the experiences of your own life and given with great care and caution. Continue on this path and Hera will make you a Queen worthy of remembrance!

Personality Test Results

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Quizzes and Personality Tests

Actually, I am surprised with the results. I thought that I would turn out to be Demeter

Haiti Earthquake Situation from UNICEF USA

I just got the following-

I'm sending the latest transmission we received from Haiti.

There is no good way to report the news. Thousands have died. Tens of thousands more – especially children – are at risk and may not survive without our immediate help.

Please give NOW – 100% of every dollar you give to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will be sent directly to UNICEF to support emergency relief efforts.

The initial response to yesterday's appeal has already saved countless lives, but the need continues to overwhelm our available resources. The children of Haiti are relying entirely on international assistance to survive. The Haitian government has little to no means to respond to the crisis.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to save these children. Please join us.

Thank you,

Caryl M. Stern
President & CEO
U.S. Fund for UNICEF


Latest intel is worse than expected. Needs severely outpace existing supplies. We do not have enough to keep the most vulnerable children alive. Desperately need more resources immediately. Please convey our dire need for help to all potential supporters. Children are dying.

Details on needs outlined below. More to follow.



Transmitted: 14 January 2010 06.35

3 million impacted. Casualties estimate high, over 100,000 dead. Tens of thousands more injured.
Immediate needs [without more of the following, casualties will skyrocket, especially children]:
Emergency medical supplies and temporary facilities
Safe water
Nutrition packets
Temporary shelter systems
Children separated from families exceed existing temporary shelters. Many are roaming in debris, injured, at risk of greater injury or death.
Electricity not available. Widespread structural damage. Shanty towns leveled. Local government completely unequipped to aid those impacted.

Happy Birthday Crumplehornedki! Part Two

CHK's party is still in full swing now that it is December 4 in North America. Let the Leather Festivities Continue!

Everything that happened when it was December 4 down under is at